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Dollar SignYou've seen hundreds of finance related websites and books. Why read Finance Gourmet?

Well, I'm a former Certified Financial Planner and everyday someone asks me a finance question. Almost every time, my answer is, "It depends." I'm not being difficult. It's true!

I've tried to write complete unbiased articles that are packed with details and information.

Hey, if you are going to make important financial decisions, then you need the facts, even the complicated ones.

Start with information about investing in bonds and then take a look at our resources on good banking deals. For you parents, don't forget that the best parenting advice you'll get about giving your child an advantage in life is to start saving for college early.

Personal Finance Advice Blog

I have a financial advice blog that goes along with the rest of the site. Sometimes it's easier just to crank out one idea or tip in a blog style than in a more traditional site. I'd recommend getting the Personal Finance Tips RSS feed to stay on top of everything.

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